Brief about the Human Resources Management Department

This is essentially a service Department with a core mandate of strengthening the Human Resource base of the Board through the process of recruitment, training and career plans and advancement. The new impetus of personnel work coupled with the need for professionalizing the conduct of its assignment, has now necessitated the Federal Government to re-designate all its Personnel Management Departments to Human Resource Departments.


Some of the department’s functions include the following:-

  1. Functions of the Department:
  • Responsible for all matters pertaining to appointment of Staff, promotions and discipline.
  • Interpreting Government policies and decisions emanating from circulars’ and other official documents.
  • Responsible for all Staff Training and conduct of Career Management Plan for NBTE Staff.
  • Responsible for all matters pertaining to Pension, Gratuities and Life Insurance.
  • Administrations of Transfers and Inter-departmental postings.
  • Documentation and preparation of certificate of service.
  • Processing of all leaves application for all Staff of the Board.
  • All matters related to NYSC.
  • Undertake periodic review of the terms and conditions of the Personnel of the Board.
  • Responsible for the preparation of Annual Report of the Board and custody of its Secretariat.
  • Secretary to various Committees;
  • keeping and maintaining a comprehensive and accurate staff personal records for easy retrieval when required;
  • coordinating general staff welfare, salary verification, upgrading and health/medical issues;
  • administration of games and sports, etc


  1. Divisions:
  1. Establishment Division
  2. Training and Staff Development Division
  3. Management Services and Industrial relations Division


  1. Establishment Division
  • Reinvigorate the competence of staff in the Board making them conversant with current government policies and circulars;
  • Digitalize the record keeping method in the Registry;
  • Provide motorized shelves for easy retrieval of documents;
  • Sensitize staff on use of Public Service Rules, etc.


  1. Training and Staff Development Division
  • Encourage staff to acquire higher qualifications in order to harness their full potential and impact positively in the discharge of their duties;
  • Staff on CONTEDISS 9 to 12 will be encouraged to pursue management courses while those on CONTEDISS 13 and above be sponsored to undertake Advanced Management Courses at least once annually for professional competence/efficiency;
  • Organise regular workshops, seminars and conferences organised by professional and manpower training institutes such as ASCON and CMD to make staff perform duties in line with best practices;
  • Organize in-house workshops, conferences and seminars for all categories of staff depending on areas of needs;
  • Non professional members should attend workshops, conferences and seminars from relevant professional bodies to improve on their job performance;
  • Sponsor courses of training leading to the award of higher degrees. Envisage to train at least 3 PhD, 5 masters and 20 graduates in the departments;
  • More should be encouraged to obtain National Diplomas.


  1. Management and Industrial Relations Division
  • Continuous review of the Staff Manual/Conditions of Service for the sector;
  • Continuous review of the Schemes of Service for the sector;
  • Encourage partnership with Conference of Registrars of Polytechnics and Colleges of Technology (COREG) and other relevant Human Resources related professional bodies;
  • Adoption of robust negotiation skills and prompt implementation of agreements between government and unions;
  • Management of municipal services to ensure an efficient and effective system of managing the bills emanating from service providers.
  • Maintaining staff welfare.


In addition, the department has 4 major units as follows:

i. Pension and Gratuity

ii. Registry Unit

iii. Senior Staff Matters

iv. Junior Staff Matters


Pension and Gratuity matters

  • Organise regular sensitization Workshop for staff of the Board. Employees would be taught amongst other things how to get prepared for their retirement life and also how they will utilize their retirement benefits;
  • Staff of the Pension section be sponsored to attend Workshops and Seminars on pension related matters often organised by Pension Administrators to keep them abreast with modern trends on pension issues and improve on pension administration.