The Physical Planning and Development Department came into existence as a result of the restructuring in the Board in 2015 which led to the splitting of the department into two, namely Physical Planning and Development and Academic Planning, Research and ICT Departments.


The Department is headed by a Director, and is structured into four (4) divisions as follows: Architecture Division; Physical Planning Division; Engineering Services and Maintenance Division; and Building Maintenance and Quantity Surveying Division



To be a leading driver in the Creation of a well-coordinated, planned and physically developed facilities in NBTE and Nigerian Polytechnics, for the effective delivery of TVET Curricular to make Nigeria among the leading technologically developing nations.


Functions of the Department

The functions of the Physical planning and Development Department are:

· Preparation of annual Capital Budget for NBTE and coordination of budgets for the Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria.

· Preparation of physical planning briefs for polytechnics Master Plans and Master Updates.

· Coordination of the preparation of Master Plan/Master Plan Updates for Federal Polytechnics.

· Identification of priority projects for NBTE and Nigerian Federal Polytechnics and preparation of action plans for Master Plan implementation.

· Computerization of the Boards activities and provision of year 2020 compliant office equipment.

· Designing of NBTE owned construction projects.

· Coordinating consultancy works in respect of construction works overseen by consultants.

· Assessment of design proposals for new projects in Federal Polytechnics to ensure conformity with Master Plan and space standards.

· Evaluation of Master Plan aspects of applications for the approval to establish new private Polytechnics.

· Physical appraisal of newly established Polytechnics (Federal, State and Private) to ensure conformity with approved master plans.

· Providing Engineering Maintenance Services for the Boards facilities.

· Undertaking building maintenance services and providing quantity survey services.