National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements of the standards of performance or competences an individual must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding.


NOS are National because they can be used in every part of the country where the functions are carried out.


NOS are Occupational because they describe the performance required of an individual when carrying out the functions in the workplace, i.e. in their occupation (as a plumber, carpenter, production engineer, etc.).


NOS are Standards because they are statements of effective performance which have been agreed by a representative sample of employers and other key stakeholders and approved by the NBTE


NOS set out measurable performance outcomes to which an individual is expected to work in a given occupation. Developed by employers, NOS set out the skills, knowledge and understanding required to perform competently in the workplace.


NOS cover the technical requirements, but they also embrace the wider dimensions that employers’ value in their staff – inter-personal skills, such as teamwork, communication, customer service etc., plus the ability to organise their work, make judgments, solve problems, and improve work processes.


Knowledge and understanding - of facts, principles and methods which ensure that the person who measures up to the standard can be effective in other organisations, related job roles and work contexts and be better placed to deal with the unexpected.

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