The Monotechnic Programmes Department is newly established by the Board through the approval of the Federal Government: Ref. No: OHCSF/SPSO/ODD/1159/1/70 dated 14th March, 2016; by the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Abuja.

Management at its 159th meeting held on the 29th to 30th March, 2016; approved the department’s establishment and appointed an Acting Director to oversee the new department.



The Department has three (3) divisions namely:

  1. Agricultural Technology Division (ATD)
  2. Health Technology Division (HTD)
  3. Specialized Institutions Division (SID)

The sections of each division are presented as:

  1. Agricultural Technology Division (ATD)

· Crop Science & related programmes section

· Agricultural Extension & Management programmes section

· Animal Science & related programmes section

  1. Health Technology Division (HTD)

· Core Health programmes section

· Health related programmes section

  1. Specialized Institutions Division (SID)

· Management Science programmes section

· Engineering/Environmental programmes section

· Science/Agric. programmes section



The following Goal and Objectives are for the Department:


The goal is to establish a Department that will coordinate and assist Institutions that offer single – lined (mono) and related disciplinary programmes to enable them reach enviable heights.


The purpose for the establishment of monotechnic department are as follows:

· To advise the Board on issues relating to research and systematic development of agricultural practice, health science practice and specialized institutions

· To determine the relationships, roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders within the public and private sectors of the monotechnic institutions and NBTE.

· To determine and maintain academic standards in Agriculture, Health and other specialized programmes.


The functions of the department are to:

    1. Maintain minimum academic standards and assure quality through use of the Boards regulations and developed curricula.
    2. Undertake Accreditation and Reaccreditation visits to various monotechnics, for the purpose of ensuring that programmes run by these institutions meet or continue to meet the stipulated requirement for national minimum standards.
    3. Carry out Advisory Resource Inspection visits to such established institutions that wish to mount new programmes.
    4. Carry out Approval/Establishment visits to proposed new institutions based on requests of proprietors, to effect on-the-spot assessment of available human resources and physical facilities to determine and advise on suitability for running national/higher national diploma programmes
    5. Develop and or review curriculum to ensure standards and continued relevance of the programmes to the needs of the nation.
    6. Organizing consultative meetings with major stakeholders such as: Heads of monotechnics and other specialized institutions as well as professional regulatory bodies and regulatory councils
    7. Collate and develop database of information, analyzing and publishing these information when required.
    8. Organize and assist in the development of agricultural, health and specialized sectors.
    9. Carry out or undertake other functions as required or assigned by the Executive Secretary.
    10. Liaise with institutions, related organisations and regulatory bodies in matters relating to academic programmes and activities.
    11. Coordinate research/development activities within institutions.